The Crysis Trilogy is now easier to play on Xbox One than ever, thanks to its inclusion in EA Access. The Crysis games were never released on the current gen Microsoft console, making them difficult to track down.

While developer Crytek is working on an Xbox One remaster of the original Crysis, it’s hit some roadblocks and development delays. The remaster was previously scheduled for release on the 23rd of July, but this has now been pushed back by “a few weeks”, although no concrete date has been provided.

For anyone who’s desperate to play the original three Crysis games on fancy modern hardware without waiting, EA has delivered a solution.


Using EA Access to play Crysis on Xbox One

Anyone with an EA Access subscription and who has downloaded the relevant app to their Xbox One or PS4 can access what EA calls “The Vault”, a large collection of older EA games.

The Vault regularly gains new content, and can be useful, as in the case of the Crysis games, in playing something that isn’t readily available on modern digital storefronts. As not even the most recent Crysis 3 was released on Xbox One, using EA Access is now the easiest way to play the game.

That said, there is another solution for retro collectors who have access to physical media.

Plan B for the Crysis Trilogy

It’s worth noting that the Crysis games are backwards compatible, meaning that they can be played on the Xbox One. These are Xbox 360 games, and can’t be bought in the Microsoft Store.

If you happen to have a copy of any of the Crysis games for Xbox 360, they’ll run on your Xbox One via the console’s backwards compatibility feature. This could be useful if you don’t want to have to pay for EA’s subscription service.

That said, another solution is simply to wait a few weeks for Crytek’s Crysis remaster to be released. It’s unclear when this new version of the game will be available for purchase, but it should hopefully arrive before too long.