Gus Fring of Breaking Bad fame will be the villain in Far Cry 6. Or, at least, that’s what it appears thanks to a new leak.

Rumors have swirled around for weeks that Giancarlo Esposito, who played Gus Fring in Breaking Bad, could be taking on the role of the main villain in the thus-far unreleased Far Cry 6.

Now, these rumors seem to have been confirmed, as a listing on the Hong Kong PlayStation store has detailed some of the content within the upcoming game. While the listing didn’t stay online long, it’s hard to miss the game’s art work, which clearly shows Esposito in the main role.


Bringing Breaking Bad back to Far Cry

According to the PlayStation Store description, a lot of the rumors surrounding Far Cry 6 have proven true. For example, it seems that the game is set in the fictional country of Yara, with action taking place largely in the capital city of Esperanza.

If all of this proves true, it makes sense that Far cry 6 developer Ubisoft would want the actor behind Gus Fring for the role. Esposito has proven himself capable of playing an unhinged crime boss in Breaking Bad, so it stands to reason that he’d make an excellent choice as a Latin American warlord.

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Besides, there’s precedent for Breaking Bad stars appearing in the series. Michael Mando, who plays Nacho Varga in the spin-off series Better Call Saul, first played Vaas Montenegro, the villain in Far Cry 3.

Gus Fring Far Cry 6 Vaas Montenegro

Gus Fring’s pure excitement

It makes sense that Ubisoft would want Esposito for Far Cry. The bigger question is, why would the acclaimed actor want to work on a video game?

Esposito managed to let slip about his role in a major video game in a recent interview with Collider. In this interview, he talks extensively about his experience wearing motion capture gear, and how he relishes the challenge of filling his mind with an imaginary scenario in order to act the part.

What’s interesting is that, when briefly mentioning his game role, Esposito actually lumps it in with his work on Disney’s The Mandalorian, before speaking at length about the large projector technology which made the show possible.

As he speaks about a “new style of acting” it almost sounds as if his video game work uses similar technology. But, then, this could just be him getting ahead of himself while talking about The Mandalorian, which he clearly loves.

Regardless, one thing is certain: Esposito is absolutely thrilled about his role in a game. It’s hard not to share his excitement, as Gus Fring in Far Cry 6 sounds like a sinister dream come true.

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