The Epic Games store has added a bunch of new free games for July 2020 with the selection including Killing Floor 2, Lifeless Planet, and The Escapists 2. When it comes to the latter, lots of people want to know if The Escapists 2 includes cross platform multiplayer, and they also want to know how to invite friends to an online session.

You can only grab The Escapists 2 from the Epic Games store for free from now until July 16th. As for what the game is, it’s a massively fun experience in which your goal is to break out of prison.

However, thanks to its current state, lots of people are wondering if the game is cross platform and whether it even includes multiplayer thanks to the inability to invite friends.

Is The Escapists 2 multiplayer on Epic Games?

Yes, The Escapists 2 does include multiplayer on Epic Games.

The Escapists 2 is a multiplayer game on Epic Games and the series’ official Twitter account has mentioned cross platform gameplay with Steam.

Online modes for the title include co-op and versus, but there is currently an issue with inviting mates.

How to invite friends and play Escapists 2 multiplayer

You should be able to invite friends and play The Escapists 2’s multiplayer by selecting a new prison, save slot, and then changing Play Mode to Private.

However, as of this moment, players are finding it difficult to invite friends and play multiplayer thanks to an issue The Escapists’ Twitter account has acknowledged.

Aware of the problem, the series’ official Twitter account has provided an update which says that a fix is being worked on.

This fix is yet to be provided and there’s no estimation for when it’ll be delivered.

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