Twitter users have come up with another trend. Here’s the meaning behind ‘864511320’.

Social media has become a platform for viral videos, dance challenges, trending hashtags, and so much more.

From Snapchat to TikTok, everyone is creating some sort of online content. Even celebrities and whole households have taken part in TikTok challenges and tried out various filters on Instagram.

Now, the cryptic message ‘8645113320’ has gone viral on Twitter. So, what does this message mean?

‘864511320’ meaning explained

To decode the message, ‘864511320’ should be first separated into different parts.

According to the Urban Dictionary, ’86’ means to remove or get rid of something or someone. This is the most commonly used definition and the one that has been used by social media users lately.

Based on a definition from Urban Dictionary, ’45’ refers to Donald Trump.

According to various memes and posts on social media, ’45’ is the nickname which the US president’s critics use for him. In fact, that’s the most common term on Twitter as well.

Lastly, ‘11320’ refers to the United States presidential election which is scheduled for November 3rd, 2020.

How did this start?

It’s unclear how this cryptic message has become viral. Often when something gets popular, it’s hard to track down who initiated the trend.

However, it seems that the post kicked off after an image of a car with the message ‘864511320’.

There are a lot of people who have retweeted this exact image and this must be how the trend gained further popularity on Twitter.

Guess this is how you make a political statement in 2020 now.

Twitter reactions

If you log into Twitter, you will come across hundreds, if not thousands of tweets with the ‘864511320’ post.

At the time of publication, there are new posts from social media users every other minute or so.

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