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People on the internet wonder about the meaning behind ’86’. So, here’s what the term means and where it came from.

It doesn’t take too long for a new trend to become viral and once it gains popularity, it gets thousands of likes, retweets and views.

Now, the term ’86’ is trending online and quite naturally, people want to know more about the term’s origin, definition and how it has become a trend.

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What does ’86’ mean?

According to the Urban Dictionary, ’86’ means to remove or get rid of something or someone.

This is the most commonly used definition and the one that has been used by social media users.

If you have logged into Twitter this morning, you may have come across the cryptic message ‘8645113320’ which is why ’86’ is trending as well.

We have explained more about the cryptic post and its meaning in our story.

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Trailer | Happier Hour | A Netflix Social Series

Where does ’86’ come from?

There are several theories about the origin of ’86.

According to Ginger, people used the term as a slang to ‘nix’ which gained popularity in restaurants during the 1930s. Some would often use ’86’ to say that they’ve run out of something in the kitchen.

Then according to other reports, the term comes from the prohibition era in the United States.

Urban Dictionary writes that ’86’ refers to the New York City bar Chumley’s which is located on 86 Bedford Street. At the time the bar had policemen on their payroll who would warn the place if a raid was about to happen.

Staff members would often shout ’86 everybody’ to warn people to exit through the back door.

Why is the term trending?

As explained above, people are searching for the term because the cryptic post ‘8645113320’ has gained popularity on Twitter.

Some people said that they were able to decode the whole message but many stumbled on the first two numbers ’86’.

Check out some reactions on Twitter below.

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