The re-branded girl group will feature new Senegalese and Brazilian-Japanese members, despite previous controversies with former African-American member Alexandra Reid. 

BP RaNia has had a rocky career since its debut in 2011, initially known just as RaNia.

Beginning as an eight-member group, they experienced various line-up changes. The biggest change came in 2015 when African-American rapper Alex Reid was announced as a member, establishing herself as the first-ever black K-pop idol.

Alexandra Reid in BP RaNia

The group was subsequently renamed BP RaNia, acronym for ‘Black Pearl’, speculated to be in reference to Alexandra’s darker skin tone. It is also believed that the addition of a black K-pop idol was used to generate conversation of the unsuccessful group.

Her introduction was met with positive reactions from the Korean public, given the interest and influence of American hip hop music on K-pop.

However, during Alexandra’s two-year promotions with the girl group, she did not participate fully in music show performances because she was not in Korea to learn the choreography and left the stage once her parts were done.

New Senegalese member in B.S 

Fast forward to 2020, the group’s company, DR Music are once again re-branding the group under the name B.S (Black Swan), with Senegalese model, Fatou.

Alongside Fatou, there will be Brazillian Japanese member, Leia, though she was already in the final line up of BP RaNia. 

The model officially introduced herself on the groups Instagram: 

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The future for the group 

K-pop fans are already sceptical of the re-brand, feeling bad for the new and old members who will be managed by the controversial company, especially for Fatou. It is definitely not out of the question that she will be treated the same as Alex Reid. 

While it is great to see K-pop becoming more open to other ethnicities, hopefully they will be treated the same as their East Asian counterparts. 

Keep on the lookout for their official debut!

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