Charli D’Amelio took to Instagram live yesterday to apologise for her part in the TikTok drama that has swept through the world this week.

All your favourite TikTokers have been involved in a whole load of drama this week all started by Hype House founder Chase Hudson.

Chase made some pretty big accusations about some of his fellow TikTok stars which went completely viral on social media, and even exposed hismelf for something he’d done after breaking up with Charli D’Amelio.

And Charli wasn’t happy, taking to Twitter to respond to Chase and reveal just how betrayed she felt. But now, she’s apologised for all that on Instagram Live and her and Chase seem to be friends again. We can’t keep up!

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Chase Hudson admitted to kissing Nessa Barrett after breaking up with Charli

On Monday, Chase Hudson, better known as LilHuddy online, took to his Twitter account to expose a number of different TikTok stars.

He called out loads of his friends for disloyalty and accusations of cheating, and then continued to admit something pretty big about himself too.

After months of speculation, Chase finally admitted that he had kissed fellow TikTok star Nessa Barrett not long after his split with TikTok queen Charli D’Amelio, and he apologises for hurting her.

Charli D’Amelio went Live on Instagram last night

Now, Charli D’Amelio has taken to her Instagram account on Wednesday, going Live to almost 400,000 people to address the situation and also address the way they handled the drama.

She begins by saying: “It was handled completely immaturely, myself included. It should not have happened online and it breaks my heart to see the people that I love get hate and it makes me feel so guilty that I had any part in that whatsoever.”

Then, she says something that most people probably wouldn’t expect, as she forgives Chase for his disloyalty and even goes as far as to say she will always love him!

She says: “No matter what happens to anyone I still love Chase from the bottom of my heart.” Then she continues: “You should never hate on anyone for their mistakes because everyone makes mistakes.”

Charli addresses the fact that this is just “high school drama” but the difference is that they’re having to handle this “in front of millions of people”.

Then she apologises for her part in the drama

After Chase made the public post in which he admitted his disloyalty to Charli after they broke up, she made some now-deleted posts on Twitter too in which she called out Chase for hurting her.

On Instagram Live, she apologises for everything, saying: I was extremely hurt and I felt betrayed so I did what I had to do to make myself feel better. But I know that was not the right thing to do and I will make sure that does not happen again.”

She then argues that she doesn’t want to make excuses for herself and wants to make a true apology, later apologising to both Chase and Nessa Barrett personally.

Watch the full apology here

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