Matt Riddle has stormed onto the WWE scene in recent years but fans have wondered why he wrestles barefoot and now Riddle has revealed the answer.

The WWE has always had its critics but it’s undeniable that the wrestling corporation is one of the most successful entertainment brands anywhere on Earth.

First founded in 1953 as Capitol Wrestling, the WWE has only gone from strength to strength in recent years.

Over the years, the WWE has given us legendary figures such as The Rock, John Cena and Becky Lynch but new talent is always looking to rise through the ranks of NXT and into the WWE big leagues.

In recent years, one of the most successful new stars on the block has been Matt Riddle who made the switch to WWE in 2018.

However, while his talent in the ring cannot be denied, fans have noticed a bizarre feature about the up and coming Superstar in that he doesn’t wear shoes or knee pads when he takes to the ring.

Instead, Matt Riddle appears almost as a very laid back surfer dude type character. But why exactly does Matt Riddle wrestle barefoot?

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Matt Riddle in WWE

In the world of professional fighting, Matt Riddle is far from a new name on the block.

The now 34-year-old began his career in MMA, fighting in the ferocious UFC between 2008 and 2013.

He made the switch to wrestling in 2014, appearing on the independent circuit for four years before, in 2018, he made the highly anticipated switch to the WWE.

Riddle’s first two years in the WWE were spent in its junior series, NXT, but in 2020 Matt’s chance in the WWE big leagues finally arrived.

His SmackDown debut came on May 29th when he defeated Intercontinental Champion, AJ Styles, in a non-title match.

Riddle maintained his winning start to life in the WWE when, on July 3rd, he took on and defeated John Morrison in another episode of SmackDown.

Photo by Mark LoMoglio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Why does Matt Riddle wrestle barefoot?

  • Matt Riddle wrestles barefoot as he supposedly had frostbite as a child and it hurts for him to wear shoes.

Riddle revealed the astonishing fact in the most recent episode of SmackDown.

Instead, Riddle takes to the ring in flip flops, fully embracing the surfer dude image, before flicking them off before the match starts.

During his match against John Morrison, Riddle even used one of the discarded flip flops to attack Baron Corbin who was watching from the sidelines.

Social media reacts

The reason for Matt Riddle’s barefoot wrestling antics may seem hard to believe for some but the reveal has been a welcome bit of backstory for others.

This WWE fan appreciated the new bit of info.

While this fan will need some convincing.

And finally, this fan also finds the shoe story a little hard to believe.

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