The Last Of Us Part 2 is arguably the most divisive sequel of all time with the most divisive character in the game being Abby. There are many people who don’t like her because of her actions towards a more beloved protagonist, meanwhile there are some detractors who just aren’t accustomed to seeing muscular women in video games. However, if you like Abby’s muscles and wish to get in as good as shape as her, you can try by following Colleen Fotsch’s diet and workout tips.

There are some people who claim that Abby being buff in The Last Of Us Part 2 is unrealistic because of it being a post-apocalyptic environment. While this might make sense and be true, the complaint does come across as selective nitpicking when everyone in the game has white teeth without any crowding, as well as perfect hair that is shampooed and conditioned. Plus, with no one having five meals a day or eating particularly well, even Joel probably wouldn’t be as big as he is or fill out his shirt sleeves.


However, away from realism and whether the body is appropriate for the game’s landscape, there’s no denying that the divisive character’s muscles are impressive. With the body model being an actual athlete named Colleen Fotsch, the muscular physique is attainable by following a strict diet and workout scheme.

The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

The Last Of Us 2 Abby actor

The actor who plays Abby in The Last Of Us Part 2 is Laura Bailey.

However, while Laura Bailey is the actor who brings The Last Of Us Part 2 character to life, Abby is modelled after two very different people.

A former Naughty Dog employee is the face model meanwhile CrossFit athlete Colleen Fotsch is the body model.

While Abby is said to be in her early twenties without any weight suggested, Colleen Fotsch is recorded as 30-years old with a weight of 167 Ibs (via CrossFit Games).

The CrossFit athlete can be found on Instagram as well as YouTube, and she has shared her daily diet as well as workout tips.

Colleen Fotsch diet and workout routine

The Last Of Us Part 2’s body model for Abby, Colleen Fotsch, has shared her diet as well as some workout tips.

You can find Colleen Fotsch’s diet on Instagram or by watching the athlete’s YouTube vlog above.

She says that her daily eating regime doesn’t change too much and below you’ll find what her schedule comprises of:

  • Before a post AM workout session she has a shake with 15g of protein and 30g of carbs
  • For breakfast she eats cinnamon oatmeal with blueberries, plus banana, almond butter, honey, and three slices of turkey bacon
  • She then has mango slices as a pre-workout snack
  • Although it’s not compulsory, she takes two immune tablets with water during each workout session
  • After her PM workout she has a shake which in the YouTube video is Ascent Native Fuel whey, but she claims to use Vitargo when needing more carbs
  • Her next meal then includes white rice, salmon, sriracha, romesco, and everything bagal seasoning
  • She then has another snack before dinner which is a burger with sweet potato, broccoli, avocado, and pickles
  • For dessert she has gluten free bread (toasted) with crunchy almond butter plus strawberry jelly

As you can see, her diet is a lot more heavy and varied than just stuffing her face with burritos like Abby.

In regard to her workout routine, nothing set can be found online but she has shared some tips.

Per Muscle and Fitness, she says that in order to be big you mustn’t be afraid of heavy lifting exercises such as deadlifts.

Any sort of resistance and weight training is necessary, but exercises such as dumbbells don’t need to be super-heavy.

But, away from simply lifting weights and exercising, she is adamant that you have to eat clean and that undereating is worse than overeating.

Obviously it will take a lot of work, exercise, and patience to reach the physique of Colleen Fotsch or Abby, but improving your diet and beginning to exercise is the biggest positive you can take from a video game.

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