Sky Williams has received backlash from social media users after he addressed allegations in a video.

Similar to celebrities, influencers and content creators are always in the media spotlight and their actions come with a lot of responsibilities.

Social media has become a platform for many to call other people out and voice their opinions on a number of matters.

Sky Williams has come under fire following his apology in a live Twitch video.

Sky Williams, YouTube

Who is Sky Williams?

Sky is a YouTuber and social media creator.

He rose to fame with his Twitch and YouTube channels where he shares gaming content, as well as his personal opinions on a range of games.

On YouTube, he has 829k followers at the time of publication, while this figure is 268k on his Twitch account.

Sky has received backlash following a live video where he addressed sexual abuse allegations in houses he owned.

The Kissing Booth 2 | Official Sequel Trailer | Netflix

The Kissing Booth 2 | Official Sequel Trailer | Netflix

Sky Williams addresses allegations

Sky has come under fire after people called the streamer out for talking about the claims in a live stream, instead of releasing a statement.

According to the allegations, Sky operated houses where several people were reportedly abused.

He has addressed the allegations in a two-hour Twitch video, however, his followers have called him out for monetising the clip.

Sky originally planned to talk about the claims in a TwitLonger post but he later revealed that he would do that on his Twitch account.

However, people are not happy with Sky and they have demanded the streamer to offer a better explanation.

The Twitch star apologises again

Following the backlash, Sky has said that that the live stream “was a massive mistake” and he will spend a few days away from social media to address the allegations in a “Google Doc”.

He has apologised for the Twitch video, tweeting:

“I still think it’s my duty to release the full and complete statement of the ‘Sky House’ and the activities therein. Nothing will ever justify the pain I’ve caused, but my hope is that it shows you that I am not a monster, though I’ve caused the same pain as one.”

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