Twitter users are at it again with the strange hashtags. Yesterday it was #RIPEllen and today it’s #RIPQueenElizabeth. Who’s going to be fake dead next?

People must be really bored this week, because a strange new trend has risen on social media. Internet users are coming up with various hoaxes to try and convince everyone that a big celebrity or global figure is dead. Strange right?

The person in question right now is none other than Queen Elizabeth, our 94-year-old monarch who has ruled England for a huge 65 years. And don’t worry, she’s not stopping any time soon.

Despite #RIPQueenElizabeth trending on Twitter, she’s not actually dead. Thank god.

Can we stop with the celebrity death hoaxes now please!

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#RIPQueenElizabeth it trending on Twitter

Poor Lizzie is the subject of a huge Twitter trend today, with many social media users writing posts containing the hashtag #RIPQueenElizabeth.

If you had a scare and thought that out gracious Queen had passed away, then don’t worry, she’s not actually dead.

Twitter is just at it again with the weird and wacky hashtags. Who even has the idea to start them?

The hashtag is full of memes

It seems like everyone had the exact same reaction.

They logged onto Twitter, saw that #RIPQueenElizabeth was trending and assumed she had really passed away. Then, they realised it was all a hoax, and now everyone’s simply just filling the hashtag with a load of hilarious memes.

If Lizzie had Twitter, I definitely don’t think she’d be best pleased.

Let’s stop joking that celebrities have died

You’ve got to admit, the trend is getting a bit old now.

Yesterday, #RIPEllen trended on Twitter after someone made up a hoax that Ellen DeGeneres had jumped off of a roof. It was totally fake news, but it spread like wildfire.

And now, alongside #RIPQueenElizabeth, another fake celebrity death is also trending.

The hashtag #RIPJeffBezoz is going viral on Twitter, with many fearing that the Amazon founder is dead. He’s not. It’s just another social media scam.

These fake news scandals are just annoying now, and it’s probably not very nice for the celebrity to log into Twitter and find that everyone is talking about their supposed death.

No more celebrity Twitter deaths please!

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