Solid8 CEO Michael Lofthouse has received backlash on social media after he insulted a family in a restaurant in California.

A video on social media has gone viral after Michael Lofthouse racially abused an Asian family who was celebrating a birthday party.

Social media users, as well as several celebrities, were quick to share their reactions on Twitter and call Michael out for his offensive comments.

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Who is Michael Lofthouse?

Michael Lofthouse is the CEO of the tech company Solid8 based in San Francisco.

On the website, the firm states it offers “IT solutions designed to reduce cost and improve performance with Cloud Contact Center, Communication, SDWAN & CyberSecurity”.

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The company’s website hasn’t been updated since 2018 and according to several news reports Solid8 was formed in 2017.

According to a now-deleted LinkedIn profile, Michael studied at Northumbria University and later moved to the United States.

What happened in the restaurant?

Michael was asked to leave a restaurant in California after he racially insulted an Asian family on Saturday, July 4th.

The family was celebrating a birthday party at Lucia restaurant in Carmel Valley when Michael shouted offensive remarks at them.

One of the family members captured his words in a video and the clip first surfaced after a friend of the family shared it on Twitter.

Since then, people have reshared the video on social media and called Michael out for his racist rant.

Michael has released a statement to the Daily Mail in which he said: “My behavior in the video is appalling. This was clearly a moment where I lost control and made incredibly hurtful and divisive comments.”

Twitter reactions

It’s safe to say that the video has received many reactions from celebrities and users on social media.

Kelly Clarkson retweeted the clip, and wrote: “Change won’t happen if we’re sittin’ down so keep standing!”

Comedian Patton Oswalt asked social media users to “stop sharing” the video as it “could hurt” Michael’s company and his reputation, though he said it in a sarcastic way.

Many people have said that everyone needs to speak up about racial harassment, otherwise, people won’t change.

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