A man has gone viral on Twitter as he continues his mission to find out the favourite type of cheese of as many celebrities as possible.

Lockdown drove us all a little bit crazy as we scrambled to find ways to entertain ourselves. We all became totally obsessed with TikTok, did god knows how many Zoom quizzes and tried our hand at baking.

But one man went above and beyond to find some form of entertainment during lockdown. Joe Bangles is on a mission to find out the favourite cheese of as many celebrities as possible – and he’s already had over 400 replies!

Who is Joe Bangles?

Joe Bangles is a retired cheesemonger from England.

He’s on a mission to find out the favourite cheese of as many celebrities as he possibly can.

In his Twitter bio, he says that he’s a C.B.E (cheese board enthusiast).

Joe has found out the favourite cheese of over 400 celebrities

Over the past few months, Joe has been spending lockdown asking celebrities what their favourite cheese is.

It all started after a bottle of whiskey, when he asked Lord Alan Sugar what his favourite cheese is as a joke. But he actually got a reply, and the rest is history.

Now, he’s used his Twitter account to tweet as many celebrities as he could and find out their favourite cheese.

So far, he has had replies from over 400 celebrities!

View all the celebrities’ favourite cheeses on his website

Joe has even made an official website where you can view the favourite cheese of all different celebrities.

If you visit joebangles.co.uk, you can search the name of any celebrity you like, or you can search a type of cheese and see which celebrity shares the same favourite cheese a you!

To give you a clue, Gary Lineker likes Parmesan, Jimmy Fallon likes cheddar and Carol Vorderman likes Goats Cheese. Bet you never thought you’d find out that information!

Joe Bangles appeared on Radio 1 and Good Morning Britain

Joe’s lockdown mission gained so much attention that he’s even been on TV and on the radio!

He appeared on BBC Radio 1 and held a cheese quiz with Ricky Melvin and Charlie. Listen to it here.

And he even went on Good Morning Britain alongside Piers Morgan to discuss his cheese mission. He told GMB that a “heady mix of alcohol, curiosity and boredom” encouraged him to ask celebrities for their favourite type of cheese.

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