A new challenge is going viral on TikTok that really tests how clever your pets are. If you’ve got a cat, then you’ll definitely want to give this one a go.

If you’re a crazy cat lady and a lover of all things cat-related, then you’re seriously going to love this challenge. People are bringing their cats onto TikTok to test their real intelligence. TikTok cat takeover? Yes please.

Do you think your cat has what it takes? Find out what the challenge entails below.

What is the Cat Egg Challenge?

A new challenge is going viral on TikTok that involves giving your cat an egg to see what they do with it.

Apparently, if you give your cat an egg they are supposed to be gentle with it because they know it’s fragile.

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So TikTok users have been testing this theory out!

Watch these hilarious Cat Egg Challenge fails

In some of the videos, the cat moves the egg closer to them and protects it as they are supposed to. But most of them actually do the completely opposite.

The challenge has got a lot of failed attempts, and it seems like cats aren’t as clever as we thought.

Watch some of the hilarious Cat Egg Challenge fails below!

There’s a lot of cracked eggs, and a lot of mess to clear up!

This little one looks like she’s about to protect the egg and then you hear… crack.

Oh dear, that didn’t go as expected. Or ‘eggspected’ as this woman says. Great pun!

Get your cat involved and give the challenge a go!

If you’ve got a cat then why not give the challenge a go for yourself. Simply give it an egg, and see what happens.

Will your cat pass the test? Or will it be another fail? You’ll never know until you try it!

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