Call Of Duty Warzone has recently been marred in a bit of controversy for removing the okay gesture, but fans have also been complaining about the addition of counter UAVs. And, for those who have been complaining, it appears that things could be made worse with the item seemingly being added to buy stations. While this isn’t confirmed as of yet, here you’ll discover how to get a counter UAV in Warzone before it possibly becomes easier.

Infinity Ward haven’t confirmed that the item will be added to buy stations, but it appears likely thanks to a screenshot of a glitched menu. This glitched menu shows the drone purchasable at $4,500 with a description that says all enemy mini-maps will be scrambled regardless of distance.

The ability to buy a counter UAV from buy stations will likely annoy large sections of the Warzone community who are already irritated by Infinity Ward’s stealthy inclusion of the item. However, before it likely becomes purchasable for $4,500, below you’ll discover the current method for getting the drone.

Call of Duty: Warzone – Verdansk Air Trailer | PS4

Call of Duty: Warzone – Verdansk Air Trailer | PS4

How do you get a Counter UAV in Warzone?

You can get a Counter UAV in Call Of Duty Warzone by finding it as loot but this is incredibly rare (update: Counter UAVs have been removed from loot boxes).

In addition, you can also get a Counter UAV in Warzone by calling in four regular UAVs at once.

Finding it as loot is possible and Reddit user NoPaperMadBillz has posted a video of them being rewarded with the purple killstreak item by opening a chest.

However, this is again a rare occurrence meaning the most guaranteed method is to call in four UAVs at once which will cost $16,000.


What is a Counter UAV in Call Of Duty Warzone?

A Counter UAV in Call Of Duty Warzone activates an Advanced UAV for the whole squad.

However, the Counter UAV also scrambles the mini-map of all Warzone players for 30-seconds.

You don’t get a notification when this occurs, and Call Of Duty fans have been critical about its inclusion which was stealthily added.

And it appears that things will get worse with the drone likely being added to buy stations with an effectiveness that will scramble all enemy mini-maps regardless of distance.

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