Rumours have spread suggesting that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s wife is the sister of Ghislaine Maxwell. Here’s the social media hoax explained.

Fake news and reports are always trending since people have access to a range of social media platforms.

Unfortunately, celebrities often become a target of social media hoaxes and false rumours which could have serious consequences.

Now, people on the internet claim that Dr. Fauci’s wife and Ghislaine Maxwell are related. So, why are they saying this?

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Who is Dr. Fauci’s wife?

Dr. Fauci’s wife is called Christine Grady.

Christine is a nurse and bioethicist who is head of the Department of Bioethics at National Institutes of Health Clinical Center.

According to her LinkedIn bio, Christine has been in this role for eight years now.

Prior to that, she studied at Boston College and Georgetown University where she completed two courses, a BS in Nursing and Biology and a PhD in Philosophy.

Christine’s father was a Mayor of Livingston and her mother worked as an assistant dean at Seton Hall Law School.

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The Kissing Booth 2 | Official Sequel Trailer | Netflix

Are Ghislaine Maxwell and Christine related?

No, Christine and Ghislaine are not related.

The social media hoax started after users found out that Ghislaine has a sister called Christine. And it didn’t take too long for people to come up with fake claims that Ghislaine’s sister is Dr. Fauci’s wife.

Plus, the rumour spread further after former Congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine tweeted about it.

Check out what her original tweet said which has been deleted after the rumours were revealed to be fake.

People react on Twitter

It doesn’t take long for fake rumours to circulate on social media and many Twitter users immediately reacted with tweets and comments.

And since the claims have been debunked, many have called for others to research thoroughly before they spread fake news.

One user said: “No, Dr. Fauci is not married to Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister. He is married to Christine Grady.

“Ghislaine’s sister name is Christine Maxwell. She and Dr. Fauci’s wife have the same initial name – Christine.”

Check out more reactions down below.

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