Fortnite is back for its third season and with it, a whole new set of challenges. While most of the tasks are fairly straightforward, one that may give you a bit of trouble is to collect floating rings at Lazy Lake.

To help you out, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide detailing where to find the floating rings and how to complete the challenge.

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For this challenge we are starting at Lazy Lake, one of the largest, non-flooded zones on the map right now.

Unlike the other items you have to find for challenges, such as the gnomes or Deadpool floaties, you’ll have to do some building to acquire these rings.

Completing this challenge will reward you with some XP, which will help you rise through the ranks of the Season 3 Battle Pass and unlock the new skins.

You’ll find the rings in various places around the area, but if you’re having trouble tracking them down, we’ve marked the locations of all the ones we’ve found on the map below.

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Fortnite floating rings locations at Lazy Lake

For those who really can’t recall, the Lazy Lake location can be found on the map in F6, just southeast of The Authority building.

As we mention, there are four rings to collect from this POI.

Two can be just about reached simply by jumping from a standing spot, but at least two will require a bit more effort.

Here’s a quick description of where to find each floating ring:

  • There’s a floating ring near the toll booth at the east edge of town, you will have to build a small ramp up to it.
  • There’s a floating ring at a house at the very south of town, again, you’ll need a small ramp.
  • There’s a floating ring at the insurance company building, this one will be a little tricky as you’ll need to build up higher to it, and it’s kind of in the open.
  • Finally, there’s a floating ring all the way on top of the giant tree in the middle of town, which will require either landing directly on it (but good luck getting down), or building pretty high up to it.

Equally, you might want to watch your six while attempting to complete this challenge today, we suspect that it’s going to be busy at the Lazy Lake location.

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