Coming up against Juggernaut’s in Warzone’s Juggernaut Royale is one of the various limited-time modes that we can expect to enjoy this Season 4 ⁠— but what’s the essentials to taking one down?

For those who have played a lot of Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s multiplayer — or the Spec Ops mode — you will be overly familiar with the concept of the Juggernaut, because they’re incredibly intimidating and almost impossible to take down.


Equipped with an insanely powerful weapon, in the form of a minigun, the Juggernaut is kitted out from head-to-toe in armour — making it a formidable force while roaming the streets in Warzone’s Verdansk.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the new Juggernaut Royale game mode is significantly different to a normal Warzone BR match. It’s actually fairly similar. Players drop in as normal, and it’s still the last player standing to win the game.

However, shortly into Juggernaut Royale matches, a drop ship will spawn and drop a Juggernaut suit into the map. This will be marked on the mini-map for every player, meaning 100% of the lobby know the Juggernaut’s location.

To put it bluntly: expect carnage when you’re near the suit.

How to kill a Juggernaut in Warzone

  • The quick and simple answer is firepower — and the more powerful the better.

Juggernauts are armed to the teeth, but you have plenty of options with which to get them packing their bags for the Gulag.

You want to opt for explosives if you can, whether it’s RPGs or throwing grenades.

If you don’t have a launcher in your trio, or a car with which to run over your target, keeping your distance and mounting an LMG like the Bruen or peppering your foe with sniper fire is very effective.

Not only does this cause more damage, but can stagger a Juggernaut, halting their attacks and allowing you to re-position yourself or retaliate with yours. Flashbangs also do the trick here too.

Otherwise for damage, you’ll want to use shotguns with, if you have them, incendiary rounds to leave a spot of lasting damage on the Juggernaut.

HITC’S opinion:

Environmental factors are important in defence. Keep your distance, use cover and keep something between you and the Juggernaut.

And it should go without saying, but don’t challenge a Juggernaut head-on. Regardless of armour, loadout, or skill, you’re more than likely to be annihilated.

What is Warzone Juggernaut Royale?

Warzone Juggernaut Royale is a limited-time mode that’s reminiscent of Fortnite’s Thanos mode, just with fewer mega jumps and galaxy-altering gauntlets.

Early on in a match, you and your two team members can attempt to snag a suit from three airdropped care package locations marked on the map.

When donning the Juggernaut suit, players have substantial health and firepower and can rack up the kills. Once the player in the Juggernaut suit dies, they return to the Gulag as normal.

Once the downed Juggernaut player enters the Gulag, another Juggernaut suit drops into the match, once again with its location widely broadcast. This continues until one player dons the suit in late-game scenarios and wins the match.

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