Viewers at home are wondering whether Deadline: White House has been cancelled after Nicolle Wallace’s absence.

Since its release in 2017, Deadline: White House has become a staple afternoon programme for many viewers.

Hosted by NBC News political analyst Nicolle Wallace, the MSNBC series features interviews and discussions on the latest political news.

However, Nicolle was missing from Monday’s (July 6th) episode which left many viewers baffled and many now wonder whether the programme has been axed.

Is Deadline: White House cancelled?

No, MSNBC hasn’t cancelled the afternoon news programme.

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According to the network’s TV listings, Deadline: White House is up and running for the rest of the week and will air at its dedicated 4 pm timeslot (ET).

Viewers at home have been left baffled over the programme’s airing schedule after Nicolle didn’t appear on Monday.

This is why Nicolle was absent

Nicolle has taken some time off from Deadline: White House which is why she didn’t host the episode on Monday, July 6th.

Addressing tweets from a number of Twitter users, fellow MSNBC anchor Katy Tur responded:

“Don’t worry! She’s taken a well deserved break and will be back tomorrow.”

Before her response, Katy confirmed that she will host a special two-hour episode of MTP Daily from 4 pm.

She tweeted: “Coming up at 4pm est I’m hosting a special two hour edition.”

Twitter reactions

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to flood the app with posts about Nicolle’s absence from Deadline: White House.

One viewer reacted: “Why two hours of MTPD and no Deadline White House?”

Someone else added: “Something is wrong. No mention of Deadline Whitehouse. Katy Tur is on for MTP Daily.”

Check out more reactions down below.

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