False rumours about Addison Rae have spread on social media after the TikTok star hasn’t posted for days.

Being in influencer is not an easy job as people tend to get victims of online trolling and fake reports.

In fact, social media stars have to deal with rumours, negativity and unpleasant comments all the time.

People on the internet have spread false claims about Addison Rae who has been absent from her social media channels for some time.

Addison Rae, YouTube

Addison Rae’s false rumours

There are several fake claims about Addison that have spread on social media.

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First, news outlet Channel22News has published a fake death report about the TikTok star. This prompted some of her followers to search if she’s in a hospital and if she’s doing well.

That’s not the first time the website has reported a social media hoax like this as false death reports about Lil Baby recently resurfaced on the internet.

Other rumours have suggested that Addison is pregnant following a live video of Bryce Hall. However, many followers have debunked the claims and said that Bryce has never implied that Addison is pregnant.

And people have continued to flood Addison’s social media profiles with comments as she hasn’t posted anything on TikTok and Instagram for a week now.

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Opinion: People need to give Addison a break

It’s time for people to give Addison a break.

Yes, she hasn’t shared any posts for days, but she does have a life outside of social media just like everyone else.

Many tend to forget that celebrities and social media stars may have to deal with stuff behind the cameras and they can’t be always in the media spotlight.

Addison recently received backlash over one video with Bryce Hall so she might be taking some time off to reflect and address the situation.

Twitter users react

Many of Addison’s followers have shared supportive messages, saying that others should give the TikTok star a break.

One Twitter user said: “i love u addison, i’m glad ur taking a break for a little u deserve it!! always gonna be here to support u beb!”

Another one added: “Addison is an amazing person and Social media is very hard. Show her Some love.”

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