Following a major cliffhanger, Yellowstone fans are worried about Jimmy’s fate. Note that spoilers follow down below.

Yellowstone recently returned for its third season after two successful runs.

The hit modern-day Western series, which features the likes of Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes and Wes Bentley, follows the Dutton clan as they juggle family drama, heartbreaks and much more.

The latest episode has left many viewers in shock after what happened to Jimmy.

Jimmy in Yellowstone, YouTube

What happened to Jimmy?

Season 3, episode 3 on Sunday (July 5th) ended with a major accident for Jimmy (Jefferson White).

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Jimmy recently picked up rodeo and the latest episode featured a competition he took part in which sadly concluded in a tragic way.

The end of the third episode showed Jimmy on the ground after he got knocked off from his horse, laying unconscious and leaving many Yellowstone fans concerned about his future on the series.

Opinion: Did Jimmy die?

I hope that Jimmy is not dead and bosses of the series give more time and development to his character.

First of all, he recently met a love interest that should open a window for a new and romantic storyline on the show.

Jimmy had a sweet moment with Mia (Eden Brolin) who he asked on a date after the rodeo. The two had an awkward but adorable first meeting and, honestly, many are excited about their relationship.

Moreover, Jimmy is definitely an interesting character who’s been around since the first season.

Viewers got to see his incredible transformation from the beginning of the series and there’s still a lot to see of him, as well as the potential for further character development.

Meanwhile, IMDB shows that Jimmy actor Jefferson White is set to appear in the next few episodes in season 3 which means that he should survive the accident.

We just hope Jimmy’s scenes are not flashbacks…

Fans react on social media

A major plot twist like this always leaves viewers in shock and many have demanded immediate answers.

“Sorry about the cliffhanger. Come back next week for more,” Yellowstone’s Twitter page teased fans.

Many Yellowstone fans have said they hope to see more of Jimmy since he makes a great addition to the series.

Check out more reactions down below.

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