Crunchyroll’s latest original anime, The God of High School has just premiered, but fans already can’t get enough of the soundtrack.

Let’s be honest, the soundtrack may not be the most important part of an anime, but it has the potential to make everything so much more epic!

Guren no Yumiya’ from Attack on Titan, ‘Giorno’s Theme’ from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, ‘Good Morning World’ from Dr Stone and even the recent ‘Slump’ from Tower of God are the most memorable songs that come to my mind, but it will be different for each fan.

My lost now features two more absolute bangers from the latest Crunchyroll anime, The God of High School soundtrack.

Opening theme song

The OP for The God of High School is a certified banger and a completely original track made just for the anime.

The intro song is called ‘Contradiction feat. Tyler Carter’ by the insanely talented artist KSUKE.

Speaking to Crunchyroll, KSUKE said that he is excited that his new song is being used as the opener to such an awesome anime.

“I think it will make you feel stronger just by listening to it and it perfectly matches the battle scenes that are pinnacles of the anime! It will be available globally so I hope it reaches people around the world & enjoy listening to it along with the anime.” – KSUKE.

KSUKE @Facebook

Closing theme song…

The ED for The God of High School is also an incredible song and is another original produced specially for the new series.

The closing credits tune is called ‘Win’ and is produced by South Korean boyband CIX, which will be officially released tomorrow (July 7) – although unofficial versions have already made their way onto YouTube!

Whilst CIX is a hugely popular band within their own right, the song seems to hit better when you know that the band members themselves love the anime.

Speaking to Crunchyroll, lead rapper BX said: “I remember ‘The God of High School’ being quite famous even when I was a small child and it’s an honour that we get to sing its ending theme song. I’ve never participated in a project like this so I am excited and ready to go back and read the series again!”

“I am truly honoured to be part of this great series that I binge-read the Webtoon series 4 times! I was so excited when I first heard about the anime series, and I can’t wait for the show to start. Personally, Jin Tejin is my number one favourite because of how he is truly focused on battles. Thank you for your support for the anime ‘The God of High School’ and the ending theme song “WIN” by CIX!” – Hyunsuk.

Photo by The FACT/Imazins via Getty Images

The God of High School: Other potential songs

Whilst there is currently no official listing, there are a few songs on YouTube claiming to be part of The God of High School soundtrack.

Here is a collection of songs that may or may not be part of the official soundtrack, including ‘Time to Fly’, which was part of the original game.

NOTE: No copyright infringement is intended if either of these songs are not in The God of High School anime OST, nor if the artists are unaware of these songs being used.

We will update this list when an official listing is released.

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