It’s a lot to take in, so let’s get the Session 9 ending explained. Netflix has introduced new audiences to this 2001 horror film.

At the moment, audiences wouldn’t be blamed for wanting something cheery and uplifting to watch.

For horror fans, on the other hand, there’s never a bad time to stick on a scary movie.

Fortunately, Netflix has plenty to choose from, offering viewers such genre gems as A Quiet Place, Hereditary, The Endless, Sinister, The Invitation and more.

One of the most recently unveiled horror efforts on the UK streaming service is Session 9, which is actually older than any of the aforementioned films. Despite this, it’s perhaps less seen and championed than any of them too.

Directed by Brad Anderson, the film centres on a cleanup crew hired to clear out an old mental hospital; Gordon (Peter Mullan), Phil (David Caruso), Mike (Stephen Gevedon) and Hank (Josh Lucas).

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The plot thickens when Gordon stumbles upon a collection of session tapes chronicling one of the patients previously housed there. Subsequently, crew members begin to die and we’re left to question Gordon’s sanity.

still from “Session 9”, USA Films et al.

Netflix: Session 9 ending explained

Essentially, we’re tasked with deciphering and determining which events occurred in real life and which took place in Gordon’s mind.

There are a number of possibilities to consider.

It’s suggested that it could all be in his mind when Phil orders him to wake up and then there’s the fact he doesn’t have contact with the outside world (failed phonecalls). Was Phil simply an extension of Gordon’s subconscious trying to bring him back to reality? It’s certainly a possibility.

As for the details of Mary’s personalities, this could be his way of processing what’s going on.

Interestingly, he calls Mike Princess in one scene which foreshadows that they are not his crew, but rather, stand-ins for the family members he murdered.

With this in mind, Gordon could simply be navigating this abandoned hospital trapped in his own interior, cooking up scenarios to escape from the truth.

This seems to be the most likely explanation for narrative events, reinforced by Simon’s later monologue. However, there’s also the possibility that Simon is responsible for Gordon’s actions and was pulling the strings all along.

Session 9 movie theories

While we’ve already established some, there’s more where that came from.

Some viewers believe that Gordon used to be a resident at the asylum, stressing that his knowledge of the building seems rather suspicious.

On top of that, there’s the fact that when he hears Simon utter the words “Hello Gordon”, he doesn’t flee, and may just be reminiscing his past within the institution’s walls.

Then there’s another alternative… it all actually occurred.

Yeah, we don’t buy it either!

still from “Session 9”, USA Films et al.

Fans praise it on Twitter

A number of viewers have flocked to Twitter to offer their thoughts on Session 9.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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