People on the internet have dubbed yet another ‘Karen’, but who is Melisa Rein Lively and what happened in Target?

Over the last few months, Karen memes have become an obsession with many social media users.

Karen is an imaginary stereotype of a white middle-class woman and people use her name to complain or rant about someone who’s annoying.

And now people have found yet another ‘Karen’ after a Target video went viral on social media.

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What happened in Target?

People have shared a video of a woman who has destroyed a face mask display at a Target store near Scottsdale.

Melissa Rein Lively, who is the person behind the video, has filmed herself going into Target and knocking down face masks from a shelf.

In the video, she says “she’s been looking forward to this” and repeats: “I’m not doing it,” though it’s not exactly clear what she refers to.

She goes on to say when staff approaches her (note the strong language):

“F**k this sh*t. No, I’m not doing it. I’m not doing it. We don’t want any of this anymore. This is over.

“Why? You let everybody else do it. I can’t do it because I’m a blonde white woman? That’s wearing a f**king $40,000 Rolex. I don’t have the f**king right to f**k sh*t up?”

Another video shows police officers with Melissa where she says she’s a “QAnon spokesperson” which is how ‘Qanon Karen’ went viral.

Who is Melissa Rein?

Melissa is a founder and CEO of the PR firm The Brand Consortium.

According to her LinkedIn page, she works for “Arizona’s #1 lifestyle and luxury public relations firm” which provides services on social media and real estate marketing, among others.

The company’s bio says: “We are a collective of public relations, buzz marketing, consulting and event design services specializing in hospitality, hotel & travel, real estate, retail, health & wellness and consumer brands.”

Furthermore, Melissa is a graduate from Arizona State University and her LinkedIn profile reveals that she’s been a volunteer for several organisations in the past.

Prior to her current role, she was a director of PR and regional director at two other companies, as well as a PR account executive at a firm in LA.

People react on Twitter

A number of Twitter users have voiced their concern after the internet dubbed Melissa as ‘Karen’.

Many have said that these kinds of ‘Karen’ memes will go on and on if people don’t understand the actual issue.

One user said: “This woman needs to be treated with compassion and kindness, not ridicule. She is clearly unwell. We need to always aim high, never stoop to debasement.”

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