Following a resurfaced document from the CIA, people on social media claim that the Law of Attraction is real. So, here’s the energy hologram study explained.

Theories are only concepts when there is not a scientific explanation to prove their credibility.

In fact, there are a lot of bizarre theories out there, from the one that Donald Trump is a time traveler to coin shortage conspiracies, the internet is full of them.

However, a CIA study suggests that the Law of Attraction is real after all. Here’s what the recent social media hype is all about.

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CIA energy hologram explained

According to the CIA, the world that people live in is an energy hologram simulation and astral projection is real.

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In a document called ‘Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process’ under the section ‘Holograms’, the study says:

“Energy creates, stores and retrieves meaning in the universe by projecting or expanding at certain frequencies in a three dimensional mode that creates a living pattern called hologram.”

It continues:

“Holograms are capable of encoding so much detail that, for example, it is possible to take a holographic projection of a glass of swamp water and view it under magnification to see small organisms not visible to the naked eye when the glass of water itself is examined.”

This study is not something new, in fact, it’s a document that dates back to June 9th, 1983.

If you fancy a read yourself, head to CIA’s official website.

You can also watch the YouTube video down below called ‘The Holographic Universe Explained’ which explains the universe and its different dimensions.

What is the Law of Attraction?

Following this study, a number of people have claimed that this study has proved that the Law of Attraction is real.

The Law of Attraction is a belief which states that people are able to attract abundance and success by thinking positive thoughts.

There are a number of materials and books written on the topic. Some of the most famous books out there are ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and ‘The Law of Attraction’ from Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks.

People react on Twitter

After this theory went viral, Twitter immediately got flooded with posts and comments from people around the world.

Many have claimed that the CIA’s findings are true and the Law of Attraction finally has a scientific explanation.

Others have said that they’ve been left baffled over the theory and they need more answers.

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