We love a good brain teaser but finding the answer to the ‘Who can shave 25 times a day?’ riddle is proving to be tough, how can they still have a beard?

While the world is hoping to start reopening after months of Covid-19-enforced lockdown, it looks like many of us will still be spending quite a bit of time at home.

As a result, this has left many of us searching for ways to keep ourselves entertained and occupied as the days go by.

While Netflix and Disney+ are always popular choices, many of us have been looking for more engaging methods of entertainment and, as a result, we’ve seen a wave of riddles and brain teasers flood the internet and socicla media.

The latest mind-melting riddle to do the rounds on the internet is the ‘Who can shave 25 beards a day?’ riddle but just what is the answer to this tricky teaser?

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Question: Who can shave 25 beards a day?

The ‘who can shave 25 beards a day?’ riddle is a simple one and is as follows:

  • Who can shave 25 beards a day and still have a beard?

Surely this riddle is an impossibility; unless of course there’s a person out there with 26 beards? Or if the question is referring to Tim Allen in The Santa Clause movies?

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Answer: Who can shave 25 beards a day?

The answer is actually a simple one.

  • A barber.

Yes, that’s right, a barber can shave as many beards in a day as they please and still keep their own facial hair intact.

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