Unsolved Mysteries has audiences wondering where Porter Stansberry is now. The Rey Rivera case has attracted fresh speculation from audiences.

In the case of many shows, you can put them on, zone out and then go about your normal day after watching.

As you’ll very well know, Unsolved Mysteries doesn’t exactly conform to such categorisation.

Created by John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer, this documentary series first surfaced back in 1987, beginning life as a string of specials. The next year, it became a full-fledged series and host Robert Stack became nothing short of iconic in relation.

The show’s legacy cannot be undersold and it’s wonderful to see that Netflix has resurrected it for new audiences, albeit with some changes likely to dishearten the more die-hard fans.

Six episodes have been unveiled so far and we’re here to shed light on the first…

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Unsolved Mysteries explores Rey Rivera case

The series revival kicked things off with ‘Mystery on the Rooftop’, inviting audiences to analyse the death of Rey Rivera.

It remains uncertain whether it was a homicide or suicide, with the evidence bearing curious contrast with details of his passing.

Throughout the episode, officials and so forth make comments, but audiences found themselves most interested in Porter Stansberry.

Born in 1970, he was Rey’s childhood friend and is known as an author and financial publisher. After they’d both established different paths later in life, The Cinemaholic notes that Porter didn’t want to part with his friendship with Rey. He persuaded Rey to move to Baltimore with his wife to join his company.

After Rey’s death, Porter reportedly wouldn’t cooperate with officials and helped ensure employees wouldn’t speak with them either.

Unsolved Mysteries | Official Trailer | Netflix

Unsolved Mysteries | Official Trailer | Netflix

Porter Stansberry: Where is he now?

The 50-year-old continues to live in Baltimore, Maryland as the founder of Stansberry Research.

This is highlighted by the earlier source [The Cinemaholic], but it’s also included that he was fined $1.5 million after the SEC made a case against them for fraud.

Currently, he still writes the monthly newsletter Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, as well as other publications under the Stansberry Research umbrella (Daily Wealth,The Growth Stock Wire).

He is also an editor of the online magazine American Consequences, which launched in 2017.

Of course, people are more interested in whether he’s since spoken regarding his knowledge of Rey’s death. As the Unsolved mysteries episode suggests, he hasn’t and maintains his privacy.

Audiences react to Unsolved Mysteries

The show has earned significant praise from viewers already, with many flocking to Twitter to offer their recommendation.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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