Fans of the pro gamer and Twitch star, Jaime ‘Karma’ Bickford, were shocked to learn that she had been ‘struck by lightning’ mid-live stream.

Mother Nature can be freaky at the best of times but when you’re in the sanctuary of your own home, you would usually expect to be safe from the elements.

However, this week a pro gamer and Twitch star found that if Mother Nature wants to get you, she will.

Jaime Bickford, who goes by the name of Karma online, was commentating over a Twitch stream when, out of nowhere, she suddenly yelled out in pain.

Commenters quickly took to the chat to ask what was wrong and Karma soon revealed that she had been struck by lightning inside her own home and had received minor burns as a result.

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Who is Jaime Bickford?

Jaime Bickford, who is known online as Karma, is a 27-year-old professional Rocket League player and social media personality, most notably on Twitch where she regularly streams video game content.

Currently living in Boston, Massachusetts, Bickford has been playing video games, most prominently Rocket League, professionally since at least 2016 and currently represents the esports team, Charlotte Phoenix.

On Twitch, Bickford has just under 80,000 followers while she’s also active on the social media sites Twitter and Instagram with a combined following of around 20,000 over both platforms.

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Jaime Bickford struck by lightning mid-stream

During Jaime’s live stream on Monday, June 29th, viewers were shocked to hear the streamer yell out in pain, seemingly out of nowhere.

Fans were instantly worried but no one could have expected the reason why.

Jaime explained in the stream that the house next door had been struck by lightning while she was streaming and somehow managed to travel through some wiring into her own PS4 controller which gave her a shock and some minor burns, melting part of the controller in the process.

She later took to Instagram to show off the damage to her controller.

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Fans react on social media

It didn’t take long for fans of Jaime to express their concern and offer messages of support on social media.

Meanwhile, a number of fans had a slightly more lighthearted takes.

Jaime later took to Twitter to thank her followers for the outpouring of support after the bizarre incident.

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