Fans are always up for a rewatch but is Gossip Girl leaving Netflix? Some are growing concerned thanks to a recently launched streaming service.

We all have that one show we’ve watched over and over, right?

Whether it’s Stranger Things or Breaking Bad, some just keep you coming back for more.

Undoubtedly, plenty of people will declare Gossip Girl as the title they can’t help but revisit again and again.

Created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, it arrived on The CW in 2007 and ran for six stellar seasons up until 2012. In those eight years since it ended, its popularity has only intensified, with new audiences continuing to discover its exciting blend of characters.

Lots have found it for the first time thanks to Netflix, but could this change in the near future?

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Is Gossip Girl leaving Netflix?

  • No, there is no reason to believe that Gossip Girl is leaving Netflix in 2020.

Of course, there is a chance it could, but it’s highly likely that it will only leave once it’s added to another streaming service.

As highlighted by Newsweek, Gossip Girl is owned by WarnerMedia, as it’s a CW show. They now have their own streaming service thanks to the launch of HBO Max in May 2020.

The source notes that a press release informed fans that Gossip Girl will eventually move from Netflix to HBO Max: “Soon, the platform offering will continue to grow, adding the libraries of Gossip Girl, The West Wing, and more within the first year of launch.”

With this in mind, it’ll definitely be gone by May 2021, but audiences expect that it will arrive on the service at the same time as the forthcoming reboot. This was initially intended to be made available in fall 2020 but has been delayed as a result of the pandemic.

Considering HBO Max chief content officer Kevin Reilly told Vulture (according to Newsweek) that “they hadn’t even started production yet; they were in pre-production and ready to roll,” there’s no reason to expect Gossip Girl to vanish from Netflix anytime soon.

The Gossip Girl reboot

The Express confirms that the reboot won’t reach audiences until 2021, although no specific date has been offered.

While there’s no concrete evidence to support this, it’s widely believed that HBO Max will make both available simultaneously.

Right now, fans are still watching it on Netflix and getting excited about its highly anticipated return.

The earlier source spotlights that one of the reboot’s stars – Eli Brown – has spoken to Entertainment Tonight about their role:

“We’ve been asked to keep even the very little information that we have pretty secretive. But I can tell you that my character’s a really good guy. He comes from a very wealthy family and he’s a humanitarian.”

Pretty Little Liars fans will be flocking to watch it, that’s for sure.

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The fans have thoughts

Admirers of the show continue to head to Twitter, voicing their thoughts and opinions on the reboot.

Clearly some aren’t won over just yet, but it’s early days.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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