Fans are getting even more worried about FaZe Rain after he showed himself taking illegal drugs on Instagram Live last night.

Nordan Shat, better known by his social media name FaZe Rain is a popular YouTuber and former member of the FaZe Clan, a YouTube e-sports collective with over 50 members.

The 24-year-old from Canada is loved by fans for his vlogs and gaming content, but recently people are becoming really worried about him.

FaZe Rain left the FaZe Clan after needing a bit of time to work on himself, and since then fans have become increasingly concerned about his mental health after he continues to post concerning tweets.

And last night, Nordan worried everyone even more after he went live on Instagram.

A fake news story is circling that claims FaZe Rain is dead

A quick google search into the YouTuber reveals news that he was found dead in his apartment today due to a drug overdose.

However, this is not true and was written on Channel 45 News, a website designed to prank and troll your friends with fake news.

The fake news comes after FaZe Rain streamed on Instagram Live

After going live on Instagram yesterday, Nordan has left fans very worried about his health and general well-being.

In the live stream, FaZe rain showed himself with a variety of different drugs including marijuana, an assortment of pills and a strange drink.

The streams are no longer available to view on his Instagram, but many screenshots remain on Twitter.

Two other FaZe Clan members tried to help FaZe Rain

You then hear someone else on the stream, who many are claiming to be FaZe Clan members FaZe Nikan and FaZe Teeqo.

They seem to have turned up at his house after seeing the live-stream and being extremely worried about him. However, Nordan says: “I don’t care if you’re worried bro. I’m a grown man, I’m 24.”

You then hear them telling Nordan to stop live-streaming as he could be “showing drugs to kids”, something that Nordan denies.

He then made some anti-drugs posts on Twitter

Nordan then took to his Twitter account to post a series of anti-drugs posts.

He tweeted “No more drugs I’m done”, then in a second post he says: “OnceI get my apartment and I’m clean, you will see one of the hardest working people on earth. F*ck drugs.”

Then, he continued to post a series of tweets about how he was feeling.

How to support FaZe Rain

It’s clear that Nordan has been struggling with his mental health for a very long time, consistently taking to his Twitter account to reveal how down he is feeling.

But since then, things have got even worse, with Nordan often openly posting about suicide and depression on his Twitter account, and fans are now getting really worried about him.

Lots of fans are tweeting supportive messages to Nordan, showing their love for him and urging him to get help. This is something you could do, ensuring that social media is flooded with positive messages to help him through such a dark time in his life.

Mental health support is available

If you have been affected by this topic and need someone to speak to, here are some resources to get mental health support.

Anxiety UK
Call: 03444 775 774

Call: 0300 123 3393

Call: 116 123