The Daveed Diggs Donald Trump song has become prevalent on TikTok, so here’s what it’s all about and how to listen.

Recently, there has been an emphasis on Donald Trump’s approach to tackling and addressing racism in the United States.

In the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death, he was blasted for a tweet many interpreted as racist and when he was escorted to the White House’s bunker during the protests, many had strong thoughts.

Inevitably, music has been released since these events that has been very politically engaged, with the Run the Jewels’ latest record being a good example.

However, we’d argue that very few tracks have made their stance on Trump clearer than this one…

Well, maybe besides YG’s ‘FDT’.

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TikTok: Daveed Diggs Donald Trump song

Over on TikTok, there are over 18,000 videos which feature teens and more lip syncing to some very confrontational lyrics.

The voice belongs to that of musician and actor Daveed Diggs: “Donald Trump is a white supremacist, full stop. If you vote for him again, you’re a white supremacist, full stop.”

Here, Daveed ensures there is absolutely no uncertainty regarding his stance on the president. Considering the lyric can’t be read ambiguously, TikTok users are using it to make their political stance clear too.

The lyric is taken from the song ‘Chapter 319’ by the experimental hip-hop group Clipping.

Other lyrics can also be read as a direct response to the death of George Floyd, promoting the struggles and fight for justice orchestrated by the Black Lives Matter movement.

With lyrics such as “a knee to the neck is this week’s symbol of s**t you’ve been reaping” and so forth, there’s a lot to digest. You can check out the full lyrics here, but where can you listen to the song?

How to listen to ‘Chapter 319’

You can listen to ‘Chapter 319’ over on Bandcamp.

Unfortunately, it’s not on Spotify! Nevertheless, it’s easy to access and the group recently released it over there to celebrate Juneteenth.

You can also check out the track ‘Knees on the Ground’, which serves as a B-side and was written in response to the 2014 murder of Michael Brown but a police officer.

Clipping talk ‘Chapter 319’

As highlighted by Hey Alma, Clipping members Daveed Diggs, William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes wrote the powerful song after protesting as part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The group expressed:

“[we got] thinking about music’s usefulness in political and social movements, as a physical, affective expression of collectivity. We made ‘Chapter 319’ as a tribute to S.U.C. member Big Floyd, but also with specific usefulness in mind. However, if it doesn’t find its way to a protest, at lest [sic] it can be financially useful.”

The source notes that, on Juneteenth, proceeds from the track on Bandcamp were donated to the GoFundMe for George Floyd’s daughter (the Official Gianna Floyd Fund), People’s Breakfast Oakland, The Okra Project, and Afrorack.

After this, payments for the tracks continue to be donated to worthy causes.

In other news, the Alonzo Brooks case has been reopened.