With YouTube TV increasing its subscription price, many customers will undoubtedly look for alternatives such as Hulu + Live TV.

The world of TV can be a hugely expensive one with the biggest and most populated TV packages costing hundreds of dollars a year.

As a result, customers are always on the lookout for cheaper deals when prices inevitably rise once again.

That’s just what many YouTube TV viewers are threatening to do after it was announced on June 30th that the TV streaming service was upping its subscription price to an eye-watering $64.99 per month.

With the subscription set to cost almost $780 a year, many of the streaming service’s two million subscribers are considering to look elsewhere.

YouTube TV’s main competitor is currently Hulu with Live TV but how do the two compare in price and content and what other alternatives are out there?

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YouTube TV vs Hulu Live + TV: Price

From June 30th, YouTube TV’s monthly price sees a hefty $15 increase and will see customers having to pay out a whopping $64.99 per month.

While the change for existing customers won’t come in until July 30th, the increase will surely see a number of subscribers begin to look elsewhere.

YouTube TV’s biggest rival in live streaming TV is Hulu + Live TV which, while still not cheap, is priced at $54.99 for its most basic package.

In terms of outright cost, this is a win for Hulu.

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YouTube TV vs Hulu Live + TV: Content

YouTube TV’s price increase comes as a result of eight new channels being added to the service’s library, which only helps boost its already impressive lineup.

Thanks to YouTube TV’s new additions, it now boasts around 90 channels to choose from as part of its standard package (with premium channels such as HBO coming at an additional cost).

That is around 20 more channels than that available on Hulu + Live TV’s basic package, although the Hulu subscription does come with the original Hulu online streaming service on top of its Live TV offering.

A more detailed breakdown of the exact channels on offer can be found here but in terms of live TV content YouTube just about edges in front here.

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Other alternatives

As well as YouTube and Hulu’s offering, there is a wide range of streaming services that offer live TV.

  • AT&T TV (Formerly DirectTV) | $59.99pm – 65+ channels or $64.99pm – 90+ channels inc. one year of HBO Max
  • FuboTV | $55pm – 109+ channels
  • Philo | $20pm – 59 channels (no news or sports)
  • Sling TV | $30pm – 32 or 47 channels (based on Orange or Blue package) or $45pm – 53 channels (for both Orange and Blue)
  • Spectrum TV Essentials | $15pm – 50+ channels (no news or sports)

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you based on the price of the subscription and the content on offer.

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