Twitch streamers xQc and Ninja got into a heated Twitter fight after comments xQc made ignited some serious social media drama

The internet can often be a volatile place with arguments and heated debates sparking up over the most trivial of issues.

And when you place huge internet celebrities under the microscope, it can be very easy for big personalities and their fanbases to clash.

That’s exactly what has happened between Twitch stars xQc, Ninja, Jessica Blevins and Alinity after comments made by xQc drew no small amount of criticism.

But what exactly did xQc say to spark the Twitter row and how did all this start in the first place?

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How xQc and Ninja’s Twitter fight began

June 30th saw a heated social media argument turn personal between Twitch stars xQc, Ninja, Jessica Blevins and Alinity.

The beef began on Twitch when Canadian streamer xQc, whose real name is Félix Lengyel, spoke about how he felt a number of fellow Twitch streamers were paid to take part in charity streams and similar events.

xQc’s comments quickly appeared on Reddit where they were then picked up by DrLupo, a Twitch streamer who regularly participates in charity streams for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

DrLupo took to Twitter to politely explain that they do not receive money for charity work and it was in the replies to this tweet where all hell broke loose.

What was said

Jessica Blevins, the wife of streaming star Ninja, was the first to reply, saying: “This guy always has some trash to say.

“I’ve literally never heard of a single streamer getting paid to raise money, and per FTC rules if they WERE it would have to be easily known to the public.”

It took a few hours for xQc to respond but once he did Twitter went into meltdown.

“This is fucking rich coming from you of all people,” he said, “incredible you found the time to halfass listen to the clip and give your take no one asked about inbetween your virtue signaling posts.”

The row then brought in Jessica’s husband, Richard Tyler Blevins aka. Ninja, and a several tweet-long thread followed with insults flying in both directions.

Fellow streamer Natalia Mogollon, aka. Alinity, got involved in the debate when she tweeted in response to calls for Ninja and xQc to fight it out on a video game, saying: “Oh this is an easy bet, Team ninja loses ez.”

To which Ninja replied: “Don’t you have another cat to abuse?”

The argument eventually petered out but there will no doubt be a lot of resentment amongst the streamers in question for some time.


A happy-ish ending

In the midst of all of this, xQc replied to the original DrLupo tweet, which sparked the debate, to add further clarity to his comments.

He said: “The topic went out of control and some of it was severly out of context but I think most people understood that top of the line charities with a good charity navigator score don’t operate this way, as far as I know”

Which got a similarly amicable response from DrLupe who replied: “Gotcha. All I saw was the clip, so that’s on me for not watching what was before/after.”

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