After an incident in St Louis, Missouri, a certain American couple continue to spread around social media – and there’s even more memes!

On June 29th, protestors were on their way to protest outside the St Louis Mayors Office when they came across two people outside their homes armed with guns.

The photo of the couple, named as Mark and Patricia McCloskey, has gone viral all over social media, with people turning it into a load of different internet memes.

We’ve already had the Ken and Karen Meme, and now it’s time for the Saving Private Property Meme.

What is the Saving Private Property Meme?

After the photo of Mr and Mrs McCloskey went viral on social media, lots of people have been taking the photo and photoshopping it onto a movie poster.

Ozark | Season 4 Part 1 Trailer | Netflix

The photo of the two holding their guns looks really dramatic, and could definitely be something out of a film.

To make it look real, many people have also edited a title onto the movie poster, with the most popular one being: “Saving Private Property.”

Why are people titling the joke film ‘Saving Private Property’?

The couple came out of their house and pointed guns at protestors as they were trespassing on their own property, hence the name “Saving Private Property”.

Mark McCloskey told CNN that a mob of people has broken through the street’s private gates and made them “fear their lives”, hence why they felt they had a duty to save their private property.

Lawyers argued that their actions were “borne solely of fear and apprehension” and were fully lawful.

The St Louis Gun Couple are social media famous

The husband and wife from St Louis have gone completely viral on social media.

They’ve been the subject of loads of different memes, the original video has been shared around hundreds of thousands of times, and they are definitely one of the biggest topics of conversation right now.

And they’ve also been given a nickname! Mr and Mrs McCloskey are now known as ‘Ken and Karen’. And why’s that you ask? Well it’s referencing the popular internet Karen memes.

If you don’t know what they are, I suggest you read this.