SnowRunner’s latest update to the public test server has brought us a brand-new map, new trucks and a bunch of quality-of-life improvements.

SnowRunner has been out for two months now and it appears that the developers are doing a fantastic job keeping gamers interested with new content.

I would argue that the biggest step in the game (recently) has been the Public Test Realm, which previews new content and allows issues to be ironed out, before reaching vanilla SnowRunner.

The latest patch, 6.0, has just launched on the PTR and brings with it a new map, two new vehicles, a few other interesting updates and host of bug fixes.

Patch 6.0: Lake Kovd map

Lake Kovd is the first map to be introduced to the new Kola Peninsula region in Russia as part of the first phase of SnowRunner’s season pass. The beautiful snowy terrain offers a unique playing experience, along with new missions and upgrades.

The majority of the missions can be found in the southern half of the map, on the mountain and around the lakeside settlement. However, a fantastic mission called ‘Battle on the Ice’ can be found in (roughly) the centre of the map on the frozen riverbed.

Check out Maprunner for all of the mission, upgrade, building and garage locations.

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Patch 6.0: New vehicles

There are two new trucks available in the 6.0 update: TUZ 16 ‘Actaeon’ and the Ford 750 4×4.

The TUZ 16 ‘Actaeon’ can be found on the Lake Kovd map in the north of the map along the road that leads into the valley (alongside the service trailer). Interestingly, the Actaeon is based on the GAZ-66, so expect this to be a worthwhile vehicle to obtain.

The Ford 750 4×4 is only available in the paid content section of the season pass, phase 1 and is currently valued at 54, 400 cash.  

Patch 6.0: Other updates

Interestingly, the patch notes for the 6.0 update includes a ‘Mobile watchtower’ addon, also known as a Mobile Recon Unit. At the time of writing, there is not much information available as to how this works or how useful it may be, but we will try to bring you more information over the coming days.

The update also brings a new skin for the Tayga 6436.

Patch 6.0: Big fixes

In addition to the new content, the 6.0 patch resolves a whole host of bugs and in-game issues, including:

  • Fixes for achievements that some players did not receive after meeting requirements.
  • Fixed bug when winch automatically pulled without players input.
  • Fixed missing fuel station icon on Rift.
  • Supported option to hide crane controls UI.
  • Updated cargo icons.
  • Available cargo is now displayed in a map pop-up.
  • Added new main menu background and music theme.
  • Added option to disable beacon lights via functions menu.
  • Fixed a bug when a player travelled through a gateway while using the winch connected to an empty truck, the empty truck was not usable anymore.

UPDATE: The 6.1 hotfix patch has just been released on the PTR which include the following fixes:

  • Fixed paint scheme for Kolob 74941
  • Tuz 16: Players are now able to choose color schemes in the garage.
  • Tuz 16: Fixed right mirror placement.
  • Tuz 16: Updated chained wheels models.
  • Mobile watchtower now discovers tasks and upgrades on a minimap.
  • Added an icon for Kola Peninsula region on global map and in player profile.
  • Fixed and improved lights on the American and Russian heavy cranes.
  • Added an icon for secure container on Lake Kovd.
  • Fixed a bug when crane anchors were not properly set to the ground.
  • Added an option to choose between classic and arcade wheels steering (this is a work in progress, additional improvements are needed).
  • Seismic Vibrator fix.

UPDATE 2: The 6.2 hotfix patch has just been released on the PTR which include the following fixes:

  • Added missing map models for Lake Kovd objects.
  • Further steering mode improvements: Instead of arcade/simulator modes you can now can choose between gamepad/wheel. Controls on keyboard will stay as they were on release.
  • Tuned beacons set up for Azov 4220.
  • Improved damage collision box for Kolob 74760.
  • Fixed Derry Longhorn 3194 paint scheme to work with bumpers.
  • Fixed a bug in co-op where the truck’s gearbox sometimes did not shift to second gear.

We will bring you an update when the 6.0 update comes to the vanilla game.

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