If you’re wondering how to watch Unsolved Mysteries in the UK, both old episodes and new, look no further. Here’s how to stream them.

With many remaining at home as much as possible due to the pandemic, it’s always worth looking for the next series to binge.

There are lots of great options, but few shows are quite so addictive as the legendary Unsolved Mysteries.

Created by John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer, this documentary gem emerged in 1987, but only started life in the form of specials. It then became a series the next year, hosted by Robert Stack.

Over the course of its lengthy history it has presented audiences with so many fascinating cases. Now, it’s great to see that it’s been rebooted, encouraging younger generations to look back and explore episodes from the eighties onwards.

So, how can you tune in?

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How to watch Unsolved Mysteries in the UK

  • New episodes of Unsolved Mysteries are available to stream on UK Netflix from Wednesday, July 1st 2020.

However, it’s worth noting that only the first six episodes are currently available; another six episodes are yet to premiere.

It was first announced back in 2017 that the show’s creators were keen to revive it and the reboot was then officially announced in January 2019.

Admittedly, the format is a little different to what fans of the original series will remember, but each episode brings us a fascinating mystery all the same.

After you’ve worked through these six, we’re sure you’ll be itching to dive into older ones. So, here’s how to do just that….

Unsolved Mysteries | Official Trailer | Netflix

Unsolved Mysteries | Official Trailer | Netflix

Original episodes of Unsolved Mysteries

The original Unsolved Mysteries is available to stream over on Amazon Prime.

So, if you’re signed up to Prime, it’s absolutely free. If you aren’t signed up, they’re offering a 30-day free trial at the moment, which is more than enough time to watch a bunch of episodes; we’re sure you’ll decide to stick with it after you realise how many episodes they have available…

There are a whopping twelve seasons to dive into, so if you’re keen to start then we imagine you’ll be binging away for a number of weeks, if not months.


Audiences react to the reboot

A number of viewers have already flocked to Twitter to offer their thoughts on the Netflix reboot.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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