The second season of Netflix’s Chico Bon Bon may have only just released, but young parents are already begging Netflix to renew the show for season 3.

For millions of young parents around the world, Netflix is a lifesaver.

Stick an original series on and you can switch off (slightly) for a little bit as your kids are engrossed in the show.

Season 1 of the pre-school series Chico Bon Bon only premiered in May, but parents are delighted that another season has just been released.

However, as the case with most kids shows, it’s already been binged several times. So, when can you expect the next instalment of Chico Bon Bon to drop?

Chico Bon Bon season 3: Renewal status

Good news for Chico Bon Bon fans, the series is set to return for a third and possibly a fourth season.

According to multiple sources, Netflix ordered 38 episodes of the pre-school series before the first season premiered in May. As both seasons 1 and 2 featured 10 episodes each, we can definitely expect a third and potentially a fourth season so they can make up the order.

This order, along with the quick turnaround, also suggests that Netflix was happy with how the series performed. This means that if the show continues to be watched by enough people with positive feedback given, we can expect a lot more Chico Bon Bon in the future.

Chico Bon Bon season 3: Release date

We don’t yet have a set release date for season 3 of Chico Bon Bon, but we can expect it to be released within the next few months.

Season 1 released on May 8, with season 2 releasing on July 1. This indicates that the turnaround for production is quick enough to see an October premiere for season 3.

However, there is always the possibility that there may be production delays associated with the coronavirus. Then again, Netflix has also ordered one 22-minute special of Chico Bon Bon, but a release date wasn’t given. So, this could mean that the production team takes a rain-check on season 3 and focuses on the special next.

Chico Bon Bon season 3: cast

At the time of writing, we expect the cast from season 2 to remain the same for the next instalment.

  • Robbie Daymond as Chico Bon Bon;
  • Dayci Brookshire as Rainbow Thunder
  • Anthony Tedesco as Clark
  • Blu Bishop as Dr. Merv
  • Andy Abbott
  • Emma Sloan Jacobs
  • Roberta Lemons
  • Joanna Lewis
  • Ian Nikus
  • Cole Seaver

Season 1 and 2 of Chico Bon Bon is available on Netflix.

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