The internet has found an unlikely new item to obsess over. A pair of trainers, but not from any normal sportswear brand – these ones are from Lidl!

Yes you heard that right. Lidl, the supermarket chain have brought out a shoe that has gone viral on social media. They’re a very acquired taste, but loads of people are in love with them.

It’s amazing what bargains you can find in that middle aisle, and these €15 shoes have been one of their most popular items. But sorry, they’re only currently available in Finland, and they sold out in record time.

So if you want a pair you’re best off heading to eBay, but beware they’re selling for much higher than their retail price!

A pair of blue and white Lidl trainers has gone viral on social media

A pair of trainers made by the supermarket brand Lidl has gone viral on social media.

The trainers, which feature Lidl’s signature blue, yellow and red colouring and Lidl logo on the tongue are being shared online by thousands.

Could they be the next big fashion trend?

What do you think – yay or nay?

The internet is divided over the supermarket trainers, but what do you think?

Some are arguing that the trainers are actually really nice, similar to some of the bright retro trainers you could get from Nike or Adidas that have really come back into style recently.

Others are simply sharing the viral photos because they find it simply hilarious that Lidl have released a trainer with their own logo on.

And some are so in love with the trainers that they’re demanding Lidl bring them to the UK ASAP!

So what’s your verdict? Yay or nay?

People are re-selling them on Ebay for hundreds!

It seems like everyone wants to get their hands on the limited edition trainers, with the resale prices being extortionate.

The trainers only cost €15 (£14), and aren’t actually available in the UK, originally coming out in Lidl stores in Finland. According to Finnish news site Foreigner: “Customers queued at the shops in the morning to buy one pair for themselves.”

So after the record sell-out, people are now re-selling the trainers for over six times their original price! You better hope Lidl brings them out in the UK soon.

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