Fans are tucking into episodes on Netflix but who plays Jamie in The Sinner season 3? The actor’s age, Instagram and roles are all explored here.

The 2010s was a great year for cinema, but many audiences will be quick to highlight just how important the decade was for television; perhaps the best yet.

With the likes of Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, Fleabag, Stranger Things and beyond, there are so many efforts which are destined to go down in the TV hall of fame. Indeed, The Sinner is sure to go down with them.

Developed by Derek Simonds, this American anthology series emerged in 2017 and was originally only supposed to be a mini-series, serving as an adaptation of Petra Hammesfahr’s 1999 novel of the same name.

Bill Pullman’s detective Harry Ambrose navigates us through each season and we’ve seen so many remarkable performers come in to make an impression.

Let’s highlight one of season 3’s finest…

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Who plays Jamie in The Sinner season 3?

  • In season 3 of The Sinner, Jamie is played by Matt Bomer.

The character is one of the most important in the season and must’ve been incredibly challenging to inhabit.

Indeed, Matt has shed some light on his experiences becoming Jamie. As highlighted by the Express, he told Entertainment Weekly:

“I knew that it was going to be a deep dive and something that was going to ask things of me that had never been asked of me as an actor before and challenged me in ways that I’d never been challenged.”

He also added: “I just knew, having watched the show and then hearing about his struggles, that he was going to be someone who was relatable.”

Needless to say, Matt did a terrific job, but reflecting on his previous roles we’re not too surprised by such great results….

Unsolved Mysteries | Official Trailer | Netflix

Unsolved Mysteries | Official Trailer | Netflix

Matt Bomer: Age and previous roles

The 42-year-old actor should be familiar for a wide range of reasons, so let’s get into them.

According to IMDb, he first appeared on screens in a 2000 episode of ABC’s All My Children (he played Ian Kipling) and later in a 2002 episode of Relic Hunter (Driver agent).

In 2003 he began to earn many fans for his role in True Calling, reprising the character of Luc Johnston for 18 episodes. Of course, he then went on to star in a wealth of other notable shows, including Traveler (Jar Burchell), Chuck (Bryce Larkin), Glee (Cooper Anderson), The Last Tycoon (Monroe Stahr) and Will & Grace (McCoy Whitman).

On the other hand, he’s arguably best known for his work in Doom Patrol (Larry Trainor/Negative Man), American Horror Story (Donovan/Andy) and White Collar (Neal Caffrey) over on the small screen.

As for film roles, he’s been in the likes of 2016’s The Magnificent Seven (Matthew Cullen), The Nice Guys (John Boy), Magic Mike (Ken), In Time (Henry Hamilton), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (Eric) and more.

Looking ahead, he’s due to star in The Boys in the Band alongside Jim Parsons, as well as Michael Arden’s biographical drama The Book of Ruth.

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Follow him on Instagram

If you’re a fan of Matt’s work in The Sinner and wish to keep up to date with forthcoming work, Instagram’s a great place to start.

You can find him over at @mattbomer.

There are a handful of posts related to the show, as well as other snaps concerning some of the aforementioned projects coming up.

We hope you’ve been enjoying the third season!

In other news, Jaja Ding Dong, anyone?