Stargirl fans wonder who the Janitor in The CW series is. While some were quick to reveal his identity, others are still scratching their heads.

Stargirl premiered this year with the likes of Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore (aka Stargirl) and Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan.

The latest episode of the show dropped a massive hint about the identity of Justin the Janitor.

So, here’s who the Janitor is and how he ended up in Stargirl’s world. Spoilers follow down below.

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Stargirl: Who is the Janitor?

Justin the Janitor is the Shining Knight.

Stargirl’s episode 7 ‘Shiv Part One’ dropped several clues about the mysterious Janitor which helped fans of the series to guess his real identity.

First of all, his room was full of ancient objects such as a horse calendar, horse statuettes and an old goblet.

The Janitor also had a medieval sword with a particular symbol which he kept next to mops and brooms.

These are definite references, revealing that Justin is the knight in shining armour from the past.

The Janitor in the DC comics

In the comics Stars and STRIPE, Justin, aka Sir Justin, is the Shining Knight and member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

Following a battle with the Nebula Man, the seven soldiers have found themselves in different time periods and Sir Justin ended up in China under the rule of Genghis Khan.

Later on, a villain called Dragon King killed his love interest Firebrand and the Shining Knight sought revenge for his loss.

However, the Dragon King managed to defeat him, leaving him with amnesia.

The Shining Knight ended up taking a job as a Janitor at Blue Valley High without remembering the events of his past.

Geoff Johns addresses character

In a previous interview, Stargirl’s showrunner Geoff Johns refused to confirm the Janitor’s real identity as he didn’t want to spoil the series for those who haven’t read the comics.

Geoff told CBR:

“I don’t want to spoil that, because clearly, the number of people that have watched the show or are watching the show way outnumbers the people who have read the comics. So I don’t want to spoil it, but yeah, the comics, obviously, that’s where we take our lead from.”

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