The Chi recently returned for a third season and there’s already a major and shocking storyline going on.

Following two successful seasons, The Chi has quickly become a staple series on Showtime.

The show, which is created by Emmy Award-winning actress Lena Waithe, has received stable ratings and impressive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

The third season, however, has premiered with a new storyline that involves Kiesha Williams and many viewers have been left devastated about her fate on the series.

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Season 3, episode 2: Recap

The third season premiered with the mysterious disappearance of Kiesha Williams (Birgundi Baker).

The second episode of the series was dominated by that as Kiesha was still nowhere to be found after a few days search.

Then, Nina and Dre went to her school, but they were shocked to find that Kiesha has missed a lot of classes lately.

They finally managed to track down Kiesha’s phone from her laptop which led them to Ronnie. He, however, insisted had nothing to do with the girl’s disappearance.

So, where is Kiesha?

Unconfirmed at the moment!

During the episode, Kevin managed to find that Kiesha’s new boyfriend is called Nock.

Later, he went searching for Kiesha in Nock’s home but it was left unconfirmed if Kiesha has been there or not.

We can only hope for the best that Kiesha is found safe and sound very soon.

Fans react on social media

The Chi fans have been left heartbroken about Kiesha’s fate and many have taken to social media to share their thoughts.

One said: “I swear if Keisha is dead the next episode on The Chi ima be so pissed!”

Another viewer reacted: “Keisha done got kidnapped on the Chi damn.”

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