It looks like Morphe has removed the whole Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star collection from their website – and fans are applauding them for it!

The Shane Dawson drama continues to spread through the internet, with people ‘cancelling’ him for all the bad things he is being accused of over the years.

And now, it seems that it’s not just fans who are turning against the YouTuber, it’s big brands as well.

Yes Morphe, the main retailer of the popular Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star collection has removed all of the products from the Conspiracy Range from their website completely.

Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images for Morphe

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson released their own makeup collection in 2019

Back in November 2019, Shane Dawson joined forces with Jeffree Star to release their own makeup collection, stocked by Morphe.

The collection consisted of the popular Conspiracy eyeshadow palette, as well as a Mini Conspiracy palette, two mirrors, a selection of makeup bags and six liquid lipsticks.

It was really popular amongst fans who especially loved the main palette, with its mix of brights and neutrals loved by people all around the world.

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Morphe have taken Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson’s collection off their website

A petition by has been gaining popularity recently, after it demanded: “A call to action for brands to cut ties with Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star.” So far, the petition has gained almost 12,000 signatures and is continuing to rise rapidly.

It seems that one brand has already done exactly that and cut all its ties with Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star after they removed their whole collaborative makeup line from their website. The popular Conspiracy palette and the rest of the collection are no longer anywhere to be seen on the Morphe website.

Many people have taken to Twitter to applaud Morphe for standing against Shane Dawson and deleting all of his products from the website.

Why has Morphe cut all ties with Shane Dawson?

This comes after Shane Dawson has been under fire in the news and on social media recently for a number of different reasons.

Fans are ‘cancelling’ the YouTuber online for accusations of his videos containing offensive material, racism and links with paedophilia.

As a result, he’s lost over 600,000 subscribers from his main YouTube channel despite apologising for such things in a video titled: “Taking Accountability.”

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