An adorable young boy has gone viral on TikTok for a very cute reason. Watch some of the videos below – they’re bound to brighten your day!

TikTok is a great place whatever mood you’re in. Feeling happy? Watch some TikTok’s. Need a Laugh? Watch some TikTok’s. Feeling sad? Watch some TikTok’s. And if you do need a bit of a pick me up, we’ve got just the video for you.

A charming little boy has gone viral on the social media app after winning over the hearts of millions – here’s exactly why.

What is the ‘Thank You Mama’ TikTok?

A young boy has become TikTok famous after a video went viral on social media.

The two-year-old was filmed saying “thank you” over and over again by his mother who made it into a compilation.

Every time his mother gives him a plate of food, he says “thank you mama” in the most adorable voice, with the video gaining 10.7 million likes.


Yes, he is this polite. Yes, he eats whatever I give him. No, this is not all for him. 🥰 & thank you all for 1M!! #thankyoumama #foodie #toddler

♬ original sound – greyandmama

Who is the ‘Thank You Mama’ baby on TikTok?

The little boy is called Grey, and he is a two-year-old from Vietnam and Korea.

His mother created the TikTok account @mamaandgrey which now has a huge 3.6 million followers.

Every day, she uploads a new video of Grey doing something completely adorable, and TikTok users are loving it.


Heading to grandmas and Grey cannot wait, obviously 😍 #familytime #toddler #momsoftiktok

♬ original sound – greyandmama

People are expressing their love of Grey on Twitter

Lots of TikTok users are taking to Twitter to express their love of Grey and his videos. The adorable toddler is thanked for brightening people’s day and bringing a little bit of joy to daily life.

One person tweeted: “The cute little toddler on tiktok who always says “thank you mama” when his mom hands him a plate of food is the only thing holding this nation together by a thread right now.”

Another said: “The baby on tiktok that says “thank you mama” everytime he’s handed food is my only source of serotonin in 2020.”

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