Have you heard the popular ‘You Got It You Got It’ TikTok song and wondered what the name of the track is? Well we’ve found out for you.

If you’re a TikTok fanatic, then you’re probably used to hearing the same popular songs over and over again.

But every now and again, you come across a sound and you just don’t know what the song is, who it’s by or how to even find out. So then, you end up aimlessly searching the lyrics into Google to try and find out, but that doesn’t help much either.

That’s exactly what has happened with this ‘You Got It You Got It’ sound. But don’t worry, we’ve found out exactly what the song is for you.

What is the ‘You Got It You Got It’ TikTok song?

The popular TikTok song that you keep hearing that simply says “You Got It” over and over again is actually a compilation of just one single line from a song.

The song is called ‘Sales’ by an artist called Renee.

What is the ‘You Got It’ trend on TikTok?

People are using the song to film a certain type of challenge video.

The challenge involves filming yourself every day saying the words “I Got It” alongside the track ‘Sales’ by Renee.

It’s one of TikTok’s latest popular trends, and it’s safe to say the song has been confusing everybody.

There’s also a Chris Brown ‘You Got It’ song on TikTok

If it wasn’t the song by Renee that you were looking for, there’s also another popular TikTok song that people call the ‘You Got It’ song. I know, confusing right?

This song is called ‘No Guidance’ by Chris Brown ft Drake and features the popular lyrics: “You got it girl, you got it.”

The song was released in June 2019 as part of Christ Brown’s ninth studio album, and is now a very popular TikTok sound.

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