Another day, another TikTok challenge has gone viral on the platform. The 100 racks challenge is all over TikTok.

The challenge has more than 20 million views and almost 2.7 million recreation videos. 

Charli d’ Amelio, Loren Gray and Addison Rae are a few of the TikTokers who did the 100 racks challenge.

Addison Rae has created two 100 racks challenge videos with around 60 million and 24 million views respectively. 

Addison Rae’s second 100 racks challenge video went viral as she had a guest that people are bussing to have on TikTok; Mason Disick.

Mason Disick is Kourtney’s Kardashian first born child with Scott Disick, who was forbidden by his parents to join social media as he is only 10 years old. 

Earlier this year, Mason went viral on Instagram, but his parents deleted his account and then he went live on TikTok. 

While livestreaming on TikTok, Kourtney’s child explained what happened with his Instagram profile and started doing a Q+A with his viewers.

Mason spilled some serious tea on the Kardashian-Jenner family during the viral TikTok live and his account was then deleted by his parents. 

Since then, people are waiting for Mason’s comeback. 

How to get the 100 racks challenge song

Firstly, open the TikTok app and then go to the discover page.

On the discover page, search for the hashtag #100rackschallenge.

Click on the hashtag and you’ll be directed to the challenge’s page.

Click on one of the videos on the page.

Then, at the bottom of the video you’ll find the song used for the video, click on it and it will direct you to song’s page made by Bryan Sanon.

Finally, click on the pink record bottom at the bottom of the page, record your own video and join the 100 racks challenge!

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