Season 1 of ABC’s superb true crime series The Genetic Detective has only just concluded, but fans can’t for more CeCe ‘more’ cases.

Sometimes, the real world can be stranger than fiction.

That is why true crime television shows can be insane, dramatic, tragic and quite frankly, a guilty pleasure for many people around the world.

One of the best recent true crime series has got to be ABC’s The Genetic Detective – essentially the real-life version of Bones/Law & Order: SVU.

Season 1 of the show has only just concluded, but fans are already desperate for more genetic genealogy content. Here is everything we know so far about season 2 of The Genetic Detective.

The Genetic Detective season 2: Renewal status

At the time of writing, The Genetic Detective has not been renewed for season 2, nor has it been cancelled by ABC.

As the season 1 finale has only just aired, ABC will likely wait a few weeks before making a decision on renewal so they can gauge ratings and audience feedback. Although we think that The Genetic Detective stands a very good chance of getting renewed for a second season.

According to TV Series Finale, season 1 of The Genetic Detective has been averaging a 0.36 rating, not brilliant but not terrible. However, the show has also been averaging around 2.8 million viewers, which will surely be a massive positive for the network going forward.

There is certainly no lack of potential content for a second season either, with the group claiming to have aided in over 109 cases as of May 2020. Hopefully, we will get an official announcement on a second season from ABC within the next few weeks – so keep checking back in on this page.

The Genetic Detective season 2: Release date

With no official confirmation that season 2 will happen, there is no information as to when we could expect it to premiere.

If the show is renewed, there are two limiting factors that could influence a release date: episode turnaround and production delays.

As each episode is a real case that CeCe Moore has previously worked on, this means it takes a certain amount of time turning the reports into a full episode. Whilst there is certainly no lack of possible cases that could be made into an episode, the more complicated cases do take longer to produce.

Then there are potential production delays. Whilst the global coronavirus pandemic is affecting the production schedule of shows around the world, travelling across the United States and particularly, to police departments may not be possible in every case.

An optimistic prediction for a season 2 release date would be early-2021, but a more realistic estimation would be the fall of that year.

The Genetic Detective season 2: Case possibilities

If you just have a brief look at the cases that CeCe Moore has worked with law enforcement on, it’s obvious that The Genetic Detective could have 10+ seasons of fascinating content. However, there are a few cases that stand out, notably the ones involving an exhumed body.

The oldest cold-case to be solved by Moore’s team was the case of Susan Galvin, who was sexually assaulted and murdered in 1967. As a result of their investigation, the team was able to identify Frank Edward Wypyc as the man responsible, who had himself died in 1987.

In January 2020, the team aided the DuPage County police department in the identification of Bruce Lindahl as the killer and rapist from a 1976 case. Lindahl had died in 1981, but there are still suspicions that he was a serial killer.

Season 1 of The Genetic Detective is available on ABC.

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