A video has gone viral after a couple dramatically pulled out firearms at protestors in their street – and the memes are hilarious.

President Donald Trump retweeted a video on Twitter yesterday that the internet thought was really hilarious. The video features a couple from St Louis, Missouri, who weren’t too happy when a group of people broke into their private street.

But rather than politely asking the protestors to leave, their reaction was a little more dramatic. And the internet has found it very funny, even giving the couple a new nickname!

Here’s the Ken and Karen meme – explained.

A couple from St Louis pulled guns at protestors

On June 29th, protestors came across two people armed with guns as they were on their way to protest outside the St Louis Mayors house.

The protestors were walking up the private street of Mark and Patricia McCloskey who came out of their house holding firearms, proceeding to point them in the direction of the groups of people.

Mark McCloskey claims they were ‘in fear of their lives’

The man, Mark McCloskey has spoken out about the incident to CNN.

He said that a mob of at least 100 smashed through the gates and: “Rushed towards my home where my family was having dinner outside and put us in fear of our lives.”

Mr and Mrs McCloskey acted fully within their rights on their own property and their actions were “borne solely of fear and apprehension”.

The St Louis couple have been turned into a meme

The video of the couple holding up their guns has gone viral on social media, and in turn has been created into an internet meme.

People have nicknamed the couple ‘Ken and Karen’, referencing the popular Karen stereotype, a term used as an umbrella term to rant or complain about a white middle-class woman.

They’ve also been turned into a meme that sees them on a movie poster. The way they are holding their guns definitely does seem very dramatic and could easily be something out of a blockbuster movie.

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