It looks like Gen Z has used the benefits of shopping cart abandonment to target US President Donald Trump’s online store.

The pandemic crisis around the world has affected individuals and businesses. From small to big places, everyone has suffered some kind of financial loss.

Many companies closed for a few months, while some people have sadly lost their jobs, making them review their monthly spendings.

The pandemic has affected the shopping behaviour of many as there has been a rise in shopping cart abandonment.

However, after learning what it means, TikTok users have used the trick on Donald Trump’s merchandise store.

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What is shopping cart abandonment?

As the name suggests, shopping cart abandonment is when customers leave a product in their account, instead of purchasing it straight away.

For example, this happens when someone moves an item to their online shopping basket or like a product but they don’t end up buying it.

Some customers leave products like these for days or even for months.

People use it on Trump’s online store

After learning what shopping cart abandonment is, people have used the tactic to ‘shop’ products from Donald Trump’s online store.

Many have revealed they’re ‘spending’ thousands of dollars on shirts, baseball caps, sweatshirts, and pretty much everything that is available there.

It appears that the store has now understood this online tactic as shoppers are allowed to limited items at the moment.

Side effects explained

For those of you interested in the side effects of this trend, we have found important statistics.

Shopping cart abandonment is not something new, though the pandemic has definitely increased the trend.

According to a previous study (via Today), the average online shopping cart abandonment rate across the world has been 69.57%.

Jordan Elkind, who is VP of product marketing at Amperity, told the publication that customers have created 46.8% more shopping baskets since the beginning of the pandemic.

Jordan said:

“On the whole, the data show a steep increase in the frequency of cart abandonment (folks filling their carts but not purchasing) in the post-COVID-19 era.

“Data from the onset of COVID this year show a 94.4% abandonment rate (i.e., the percent of carts that are filled but not checked out) compared to 85.1% in the comparable period last year.”

“This equates to billions of dollars in forgone e-commerce revenue,” Jordan added.

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