Netflix’s latest anime BNA may have only just been released, but fans are already curious as to if the series if a spin-off or sequel to Beastars.

When it comes to anime, Netflix is producing some fantastic new shows.

Just over the past year alone, we have had Castlevania, Dorohedoro, Baki and Beastars just to name a few.

Now, we have a brand-new series to binge-watch, BNA: Brand New Animal.

The series may have only just been released, but fans are already speculating that it is either a spin-off or sequel to another highly popular animal-anime, Beastars.

What is BNA about?

BNA is set in a world where humanoid animals, known as ‘Beastkin’, exist alongside the human population.

Our story focuses on Michiru Kaegmori, a normal human who suddenly turns into a ‘Beastkin’ based on a tanuki – a Japanese Racoon Dog. Understandably panicked and distressed at this transformation, she runs away and finds refuge in Anime City, a safe haven for all the humanoid animals of the region.

She teams up with a wolf ‘Beastkin’ called Shirou Ogami and together, they investigate how and why she turned.

What is Beastars about?

Beastars is set in a world where anthropomorphised animals are the dominant species (no humans exist) where there is a cultural divide between carnivores and herbivores.

The series focuses on Legoshi, a large grey wolf who attends university at a place called Cherryton Academy. He is part of the school’s drama club and develops feelings for a small dwarf rabbit – something incredibly taboo in the world.

However, tensions begin to arise between the carnivore and herbivore community at the school after one of the drama club members is brutally murdered and eaten.

Is BNA a spin-off or sequel to Beastars?

  • No, BNA is not a spin-off or sequel to Beastars, but there are links between the two shows.

The most obvious link between the two series is that they both feature animals as the protagonist – although there are differences here. The characters in BNA are classified as humanoid animals (akin to animals with human features), whereas Beastars features anthropomorphic animals (akin to humans with animal features). There are also humans in BNA and no humans in Beastars – indicating different evolutionary trees.

The fact that both shows are produced by Netflix has also caused some confusion/fan theories within the community. Beastars is arguably one of the biggest anime series on the platform, but the show has garnered some controversy in its time. Whilst Netflix releasing a similar show is merit for speculation that the two shows may be linked – it seems nothing more than the platform looking to capitalise on the success of the sub-genre.

Finally, there is the animation style itself. Personally, I think there are major differences in the styles between BNA and Beastars, but some fans have argued that the presentation is suspiciously similar.

However, there is always the chance that we could either see a cameo from a character or reference to the other in either shows second seasons.

Season 1 of both BNA and Beastars is available on Netflix.

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