The Tom Hanks-starring film Greyhound is finally due to hit screens but when is Greyhound’s Apple TV release date?

A new film starring Tom Hanks is always hot property in the world of cinema.

As one of the best and most loved stars of the screen, Hanks’ films always bring in audience members but in 2020, as well as testing positive for Covid-19, Hanks’ latest film has faced some inconvenient delays.

Like most films due to hit cinemas this year, the Tom Hanks-starring Greyhound was forced to abandon its original cinema release.

Instead, the naval war flick will be heading to Apple TV+ but just when is Greyhound’s new release date?

Greyhound’s plot

Greyhound, which is based the real Battle of the Atlantic, follows Hanks as Commander Ernest Krause of the US Navy.

NO TIME TO DIE | Trailer 2

He pilots the fictional USS Keeling, whose callsign is Greyhound, and leads a fleet of ships through the treacherous Atlantic Ocean while being mercilessly hunted by a wolf pack of German U-Boats, complete with horror film sound effects.

Sony Pictures | Apple TV+

Greyhound on Apple TV+

Greyhound was originally due to release in cinemas in March before being delayed several times before June 12th became its final cinema release date.

Unfortunately, the Aaron Schneider-directed film was one of several that fell victim to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and thus had its cinema release pulled.

Eventually, the distribution rights for the film were sold to Apple and, as a result, Greyhound will now be heading exclusively to the Apple TV+ streaming service as an original film.

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Greyhound’s Apple TV release date

  • Greyhound’s Apple TV release date is July 10th, 2020.

Thanks to Apple TV, those wanting to watch Greyhound won’t have to wait in limbo for cinemas to finally reopen.

Sure, the film may be heading to screens a month later than planned but it’s a much shorter wait than some film fans will have for the likes of No Time To Die, Black Widow and Wonder Woman 1984 to name but a few.

Will you be watching Greyhound when it arrives on Apple TV+ on July 10th?